Sunday, 25 January 2015

Error Analysis - Assignment 1.1 Q2

Read the question and answers carefully.

Can you tell what is wrong with the answer presentation?


  1. The answer requires to be in index notation, the string of numbers, not final number. The answer is supposed to be (a) 3^2 x 7 x 5, not 315, (b) 11 x 7^2 x 3 x 2, not 323n.

  2. (a) It is supposed to be 315= 3^2×7×5. The answer is supposed to be the prime factors in index notation no 315.
    (b) The ladder is incomplete. The prime factors are supposed to be the answer not 3234. The answer is supposed to look like this: 3234= 11×7^2×3×2

    1. Aryan - your explanation is very clear. Good.

      2 points for Group 4