Thursday, 8 January 2015

Introduction (2) My Mathematics Classroom

How would you envisage the Maths experience in SST is going to be like... 

(a) In what way do you think learning would look like in our Maths classroom?

(b) How do we contribute to a conducive and encouraging learning environment?

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  1. (a)With everyone looking at the Macbook.
    (b)Keep the class clean and one person talks at a time.

  2. a) We will communicate more with each other.
    b) Listen to other people when they are talking.

  3. a) We will have a lot of hands-on learning
    b) We respect other people

  4. a) We will have group discussions and hands-on learning experiences.
    b) We listen to what others have to say; only one person talks at a time.

  5. - With everyone actively participating and and learning
    - Don't immediately dismiss other people's ideas; consider that it may have some merit

  6. (a)with the teacher teaching us using the macs
    (b)by participating more often.

  7. (a)Everyone staring at their macbooks, doing group work.
    (b)Do not interrupt the presenter/teacher who is speaking, respect each others opinions and do not be afraid to voice your opinions and ask questions. Constantly discuss topics with your classmates and teachers.

  8. a) Interesting and fun
    b) By paying attention to the teacher and asking questions when in doubt.

  9. a) Doing a lot of group discussions about topics.
    b) Do not talk to others when someone is talking unless absolutely necessary.

  10. a) We would do lots of work both on paper and on the MacBook.
    b) Do not be afraid to ask questions.

  11. a) I think learning in SST's Maths classrooms would incorporate both the use of the Macbook(such as online learning platforms), having to explain your thoughts about a question to the class and using the Mathematics Textbooks and Workbooks.
    b) When one person speaks, all others should be all ears to the speaker, and we should not jeer at friends who ask seemingly weird questions, as it might discourage them from asking again.

  12. (a) There would be more group discussions.
    (B) Pay attention to the teacher, respect other people's opinion on certain things, ask questions and motivate each other.

  13. a)We will do a lot of discussion work.
    b) We should not be involved in our own conversations when the teacher is talking.

  14. (a) we will do alot of discussion, and also there will be some fun
    (b) listen to the teacher, talk when needed and ask questions

  15. (a) textbooks evolving to macbooks and more hands-on stuff
    (b)4Rs and with a bit of patiences and understanding

  16. (a)staring at the whiteboard
    (b)listen attentively to the teacher

  17. a)I thought that the maths lessons will involve textbooks,MacBooks and assessment papers.
    b)talk at the right time,be attentive at the right time.