Sunday, 25 January 2015

Submission of Alternative Assessment 1 Practice

To-date (25 January 2015, 9 am), the following have already submitted your work:

TimestampNameRegister numberClass
1/23/2015 21:16:15Amadea Supriyadi1S1-01
1/23/2015 16:05:56Amanda Han Xin Hui2S1-01
1/23/2015 20:10:25Ang Liya3S1-01
1/23/2015 18:22:16Grace Cahyadi5S1-01
1/23/2015 21:14:18Kho Hannah Gabrielle Chao 6S1-01
1/22/2015 19:11:37alexander aw8S1-01
1/23/2015 19:24:22Dylan Tan Kun Hou10S1-01
1/23/2015 10:11:22Fernandez Kevin Ethan11S1-01
1/23/2015 14:30:12jerremy12S1-01
1/23/2015 19:43:55Khor Hsien Kit13S1-01
1/23/2015 13:56:02Lim Jin Zhi Dylan14S1-01
1/23/2015 19:50:51Loh Shao Cong15S1-01
1/21/2015 21:12:43Marcus Tan Zheng Ning17S1-01
1/23/2015 23:18:10Ng Wen Bin Justin18S1-01
1/22/2015 21:49:31Sim Choon Wee19S1-01
1/23/2015 20:56:03Teng Tjin Yao21S1-01
1/23/2015 22:24:53Vikhe Aryan Pramod22S1-01
1/22/2015 17:38:07Yeo ming en23S1-01
1/20/2015 17:37:25Yu Min Shen24S1-01
1/23/2015 15:46:12Yun Kar Kit25S1-01

For those of you who have submitted your work due to technical difficulties, you may send me an email or check with any of the classmates above on how they had overcome the technical difficulties.

For those who have submitted, not all are successful in your submission:

For those unsuccessful submission...
Check your upload settings again. If you are not sure how to do, you can seek help from one of the following by Monday (26 January)

  • Watch the video clips that are uploaded at the task page
  • Classmates who have successfully uploaded their clips to the GoogleDrive
  • Ask Mr Jonathan Chua for help - explain to him the situation
  • Ask me for help during recess on Monday (26 January)

NameRegister numberRemarks
Amadea Supriyadi1DRIVE NOT SHARED
Amanda Han Xin Hui2File cannot be opened; wrong format?
Kho Hannah Gabrielle Chao 6File sharing at drive - Check again
alexander aw8SUCCESSFUL upload & sharing
Dylan Tan Kun Hou10SUCCESS upload & sharing; but NO SOUND
Fernandez Kevin Ethan11DRIVE NOT SHARED
Khor Hsien Kit13SUCCESSFUL upload & sharing
Lim Jin Zhi Dylan14EMPTY DRIVE
Loh Shao Cong15SUCCESSFUL upload & sharing
Marcus Tan Zheng Ning17DRIVE NOT SHARED
Ng Wen Bin Justin18SUCCESSFUL upload & sharing
Sim Choon Wee19SUCCESSFUL upload & sharing
Vikhe Aryan Pramod22SUCCESSFUL upload & sharing
Yeo ming en23SUCCESSFUL upload & sharing
Yu Min Shen24SUCCESSFUL upload & sharing
Yun Kar Kit25File sharing at drive - Check again

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