Monday, 23 February 2015

20150223 - Things to do before we meet on Wednesday

Dear S1-01

1. Homework (1): Algebra - Substitution
  • Complete the questions in writing papers - to be submitted on Wednesday
  • Study Notes (Lesson 1) p5 - Questions 1a,b, c & 2a,b,c
2. Homework (2): Algebra - Simple word problems
  • Attempt the questions in the GoogleForm (next post)
3. Filing of Marked Assignments & Study Notes
  • Go through the papers that were returned to you today.
  • Remember to file them neatly in the Maths File (at home).
  • You will be given the content pages for each topic tomorrow.
4. Other preparation
  • Bring along the PERCENTAGES handout and marked assignment, together with your workbook to class. 
  • We're likely to discuss them in class anytime this week or next week

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