Friday, 13 March 2015

March Holiday Assignment

On the whole, there are 2 objective to the holiday assignments:
(1) To consolidate learning - in particular, Algebra
(2) To explore a new area that is 'on-the-way'

Assignment 1
Attempt the following tasks on writing papers.
Copy questions and label your answers clearly - Do not cramp the working.
Write down your steps clearly.

Source: Mathematics Workbook 1 (page 35-37) Selected questions
  • Q18
  • Q19
  • Q24
  • Q26 b, d, f
  • Q33 c, f, i
To be submitted when school re-opens

Assignment 2
Application of Formula in everyday life with ICT
- Refer to the task in the GoogleSite; submit (1) spreadsheet via GoogleDrive (2) information required in GoogleSite (via GoogleForm)

To be submitted by 20 March 2015 (Friday) 2359

Assignment 3
Online practices (optional) assigned via AceLearning and other online platforms - these should be made available to you from 14 March 2015 (Saturday)

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Algebra: Simple Expansion (2) Algebraic Fractions - 2-to-3 activity

PART 1 (10 minutes)
Questions are organised in 3 collections.

Each group is assigned one collection:
  • Group 1: Collection D
  • Group 2: Collection C
  • Group 3: Collection B
  • Group 4: Collection A
Within the group, members are going to work in 2-to-3s on a question, either Type 1, 2 or 3.
  • Attempt the question in your notebook.
When the 2-to-3s team has completed, one would take a photo of the working and post it at the relevant slides (see below).

For those who completed the task early, try other questions in your group collection to help check answers.

Post lesson: Click HERE to access the suggested answers

PART 2 (10 minutes): Checking answers & giving feedback
  • Now, we are going to give feedback to your peers.
  • In your 2-to-3s, discuss the assigned collection.
    • If the answer and working are correct, comment that the answer and working are correct.
    • If you spot an error, add a comment to describe the error you spotted and suggest how he/ she should have done so that the same error would not happen again.
    • If you do not understand the step, ask question that would help to clarify.
Who's checking which collection?

  • You are going to check and provide feedback to the 3 other questions within the Type that you were working in (same set of Slides)

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Preparation for T1W10: Algebraic Expansion

Dear S1-01

We ended our lesson with an activity that helps us to link what we already know (i.e. Area of rectangle) to expansion in algebra, using the index card given to you.

By finding the area of each part (smaller rectangles) and organising the terms, we learnt how this could be done through expanding (a +1) and (2a + 3) using Distributive Law of Multiplication (that we learnt in Topic 2)

Here's a summary of the activity:

You are given the set of notes that went on to elaborate the application of the expansion of expressions.

You may refer to the following clips to help you understand the process better as you attempt the questions:

(1) Youtube Playlist (click at the link): Study notes - Examples (d)

(2) Youtube Playlist (click at the link): Study notes: Examples (f), (e), Class Work Tier A Q8

Note: Some lessons are assigned to you via AceLearning - in preparation of what we are going to do next week.