Tuesday, 19 May 2015

20150519 Homework 1: Lines Tell Stories

The diagram shows a distance-time graph. 
Study the graph carefully, paying attention to the slopes (i.e. the speed), the pauses, the time taken and the distance.

Write a story that takes into account the 'movement' of Raj and Michael.
  • It should include information like where they begin their journey.
  • It should also take into account the distance they travel, the speed they travel at, what happened during the pauses, etc.
Post your story in "Comments".
You should have at least 10 pieces of information drawn from the graph to be included in your story. 

adapted from New Syllabus Mathematics (7th edition) p171

20150519 Homework 2: Reading Values from Graph

Your Task:
Click HERE to access activity (GoogleForm).

Let's Check:
Click HERE to view responses (note: access right will be given only after activity)

Assignment 9.1 Question 3

Different ways to approach this problem...

<<<Think>>> What is the length of Square 1?

Here are 2 ways methods presented...

Method 1: Find the area of a right-angled triangle, then multiply by 4

Method 2: Find the area of a rectangle

Can you point out one more error in the above working? (method 2)

By the way, what is the answer to (c)? 
Area of Square n = ?

In your opinion..

Which has the closest representation of
Height versus Age?
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Monday, 18 May 2015

[Flipped Learning] Understanding Scales

You are given 2 handouts (Activity 1 & Activity 2).
Carry out the following activities (in this blog post) - you should be able to understand what's in

  • Activity 1 - read the examples and try to understand how the scale is represented on the graph paper
  • Activity 2 - to attempt and be used for discussion in the next lesson

(A) Knowing the Graph Paper

Have a piece of graph paper and a ruler with you.
Try to figure out the explanation in the video clip on your graph paper and ruler.
Use your ruler to measure the size of each "large" square.

(B) Reading the Scale

Watch the video clip before going through the slides.

(C) Marking the Scale on the Paper

The following video clips show how to mark the axes when given the scale.
Watch the clip before completing Activity 2 Handout.

(D) Checking My Understanding

We will attempt this activity in class to check how much you know...

Friday, 15 May 2015

Tasks from T2W9 to End-of-June Holiday

Dear S1-01

As mentioned in email to your parents (which in you were also included in the "bcc" list), you are strongly advised to stagger the tasks and pace yourself to complete them.

Remember to get some good rest during the school holidays while you keep up with your learning.
Do not neglect your work totally for the whole one month else you would need to take some time to build up the momentum again.

Click HERE to retrieve the handout that was given to you on 14 May 2015 (Thursday).

15 May 2015: Preparation of Lessons in T2W8

In preparation for next week's lesson (9.3 Drawing Linear Graphs) when you will learn to plot graphs. 

1. Do read through the materials in this website.

2. Watch the first 4 video clips in this Playlist to "know" the graph paper and scale.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

13 May 2015 Homework -Tasks to Accomplished

(1) Introduction to Functions and Linear Graphs

1. Reading of Coordinates
It is important for you to be able to read the ordered pairs of a Point correctly.
You may practise reading & identifying coordinates through the 3 online activities in the GoogleSite
(click HERE to access)

2. Study Notes (p4)

(II) Lesson on Thursday (14 May 2015)
We will be spending some time to discuss and prepare for the Alternative Assessment.

Your preparation: 
1. Form teams of 3 to 4 people
2. Bring your learning device (fully charged)
3. Bring your Study Notes for "09 Functions and Linear Graphs"

Building Vocabulary via Word Search

The coordinates for the 1st letter for the word "Origin" should be (7, 5) instead of (7, 4)

Monday, 11 May 2015

11 May 2015 Homework-Tasks to Accomplished by 13 May 2015

(A) Inequalities

1. Assignment 8.2: To be completed and submitted on Wednesday (13 May 2015)

2. Maths Journal: A number of you have not submitted this piece of work 
Please do so on Wednesday (13 May 2015)

(B) Functions and Linear Graphs

1. Study Notes - have been issued to you. 
You need not attempt any questions in the handout, but remember, this is going to last us for about 2 weeks of lessons. 

2. Building Vocabulary through Word Search 
Submit your work on Wednesday (13 May 2015)

3. Diagnostic Test
You were allowed to bring home to attempt this test - you can refer to your textbook or study notes for any help.
Submit this paper on Wednesday (13 May 2015)

4. Flipped Learning
To prepare for the lesson: Introduction of "Functions and Linear Graphs", attempt the 3 activities in the GoogleSite under the page 01 Mastering Coordinates

Thursday, 7 May 2015

T2W7 Weekend Homework & Self-Directed Learning Unit

Dear S1-01

There are 2 tasks issued today...

(1) Simple Inequalities
Complete the Maths Journal.
Click HERE if you are unable to find the handout.
To be submitted on next Monday (11 May 2015)

(2) SDL (03) Basic Geometry
The following were been given to you today for you to work on the topic that you learnt in Primary School:
  • Study Notes
  • Assignment: TO be submitted on next Thursday (14 May 2015)
On the other hand, you would have noticed that algebra is introduced to the task, and some questions require you to think deeper on what you already know.

You can find the softcopies of the documents in the GoogleSite

How well did we fare @ Common Test?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

What's the value of "y"?

Discussion: Equations VS InEqualities

Examine the pairs of working... 

  • Describe on similarities within each pair of working
  • Describe the difference in the answers in each pair of the working