Monday, 11 May 2015

11 May 2015 Homework-Tasks to Accomplished by 13 May 2015

(A) Inequalities

1. Assignment 8.2: To be completed and submitted on Wednesday (13 May 2015)

2. Maths Journal: A number of you have not submitted this piece of work 
Please do so on Wednesday (13 May 2015)

(B) Functions and Linear Graphs

1. Study Notes - have been issued to you. 
You need not attempt any questions in the handout, but remember, this is going to last us for about 2 weeks of lessons. 

2. Building Vocabulary through Word Search 
Submit your work on Wednesday (13 May 2015)

3. Diagnostic Test
You were allowed to bring home to attempt this test - you can refer to your textbook or study notes for any help.
Submit this paper on Wednesday (13 May 2015)

4. Flipped Learning
To prepare for the lesson: Introduction of "Functions and Linear Graphs", attempt the 3 activities in the GoogleSite under the page 01 Mastering Coordinates

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