Monday, 18 May 2015

[Flipped Learning] Understanding Scales

You are given 2 handouts (Activity 1 & Activity 2).
Carry out the following activities (in this blog post) - you should be able to understand what's in

  • Activity 1 - read the examples and try to understand how the scale is represented on the graph paper
  • Activity 2 - to attempt and be used for discussion in the next lesson

(A) Knowing the Graph Paper

Have a piece of graph paper and a ruler with you.
Try to figure out the explanation in the video clip on your graph paper and ruler.
Use your ruler to measure the size of each "large" square.

(B) Reading the Scale

Watch the video clip before going through the slides.

(C) Marking the Scale on the Paper

The following video clips show how to mark the axes when given the scale.
Watch the clip before completing Activity 2 Handout.

(D) Checking My Understanding

We will attempt this activity in class to check how much you know...

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