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20150519 Homework 1: Lines Tell Stories

The diagram shows a distance-time graph. 
Study the graph carefully, paying attention to the slopes (i.e. the speed), the pauses, the time taken and the distance.

Write a story that takes into account the 'movement' of Raj and Michael.
  • It should include information like where they begin their journey.
  • It should also take into account the distance they travel, the speed they travel at, what happened during the pauses, etc.
Post your story in "Comments".
You should have at least 10 pieces of information drawn from the graph to be included in your story. 

adapted from New Syllabus Mathematics (7th edition) p171


  1. One day, two complete strangers named Michael and Raj decided to go the town of the other, so Michael set out for Greenfield, and Raj went to Redhill. They both left at the same time, 0800 hours, and travelled the same distance, 7km. Michael started out at a speed of 1km/h, for 1 hour, then he took a half-hour break. At 0930 hours, he resumed travelling, but now at a speed of 4km/h. 3km away from Redhill, Michael came across Raj, who was taking a break, and finally arrived at Greenfield at 1100 hours. At the same time that Michael left for Greenfield, Raj left for Redhill. He started out at a pace of 3km/h for an hour, then slowed down to 1/3 km/h for 45 minutes. Exhausted, he rested for another 45 minutes, during which he came across Michael. At 1030 hours, he resumed running again at the pace of 3km/h, and reached Redhill at 1130, having travelled the last three kilometres in the past hour.

  2. Once upon a time in a really, really, really,(really,really) far away island, there lived two men who were the best of friends. They both grew up together. Michael really like Ribena, while Raj really like blueberry prata.They both had different sorts of transport to get to work through the crazy crowds every morning. Raj had a one-wheeled lawnmower, while Michael had a 41 wheeled monster truck/boat(it was more of a boat though). One morning Michael went to work which was located at Greenfields. He got into his monster boat and left Redhill at 0800 and travelled for 1 hour before meeting an accident in which he was stuck for half an hour. As he waited, he decided to drink some Ribena. At 0930, Michael's monster boat transformed into a monster unicycle and he speeds off to work. At 1000 his monster unicycle crashes into Raj's one-wheeled lawn mower causing it to flip in the air several times before landing safely on the ground. Raj was left in a daze and thought he had imagined seeing a monster unicycle(which he had actually seen). Michael soon arrived at Greenfields at 1100 not before rolling over his manager's car. Raj had started the day in a less traumatic way but no less interesting. He had left his home in Greenfields at 0800 sharp to go to work at Redhill. He travelled at a regular speed until 0900 when out of the blue, his friend Michael's monster unicycle crashed into his vehicle causing him to flip in the air several times. He was then dazed for 45 minutes as he thought about having blueberry prata for lunch later on. After getting to his senses, Raj resumed his journey hurriedly to make out for the time that he had lost. Soon, he reached Redhill, arriving at 1100 sharp. That is a day in the life of Michael and Raj.

  3. Oh no, I didn't know we have to put in the speed of the vehicles. Aaaaaaaaaaaak!

  4. There was once a boy called Michael who was in Redhill and wanted to travel to Greenfield by jogging. So, he started walking towards the place at 1km/h for the 1st hour from 8 am. He then stopped to take a rest after that 1 hour and breaked for 30 minutes before continuing his journey towards Greenfield at a speed of 4km/h until he reached there at 11 am.
    At 8 am, another boy, Raj, wanted to go to Redhill from Greenfield also by jogging. He started travelling at a speed of 3km/h for the 1st hour before slowing down to 4/3km/h (I don't know how to write 4/3 in the simplest form on the computer) and taking a break at 9:45 am for 45 minutes. At 10:30 am, Raj continued traveling at 3km/h until reaching Redhill at 11:30 am

  5. Once upon a time, when time was controlled by a sacred ruler named Kang, there were two sirs, Raj and Michael who both live in the realm of Midgard; Raj in Greenfield and Michael in Redhill. On a fine day, the 8th day of the week, Sir Raj decided to go to Redhill to find some rare metals - Frost ingots and Rhenium shards. On that same day, Sir Michael also needed to go to Greenfield as his Master told him to claim a sword called The Zephyr. Both sirs set out at the same time (hours), 0800. Let’s look at Raj first. At first, Raj was excited to receive the rare minerals, thus he travelled at a incredulous 3km/h, or 3km covered in an hour! But soon, as Raj did not ate any breakfast, he soon succumb to hunger and had to slow down to 1km/h. Not long, he could not hold it anymore and went to a nearby coffee shop and ordered two sets of Kaya Loti. He ate from 0942 to 1030, total of 48 minutes! After eating, he was energised and resumed his journey at the same speed as when he started - 3km/h! Finally Sir Raj reached Redhill, at an average speed of 2km/h and a total time of 3h 30 mins, and a distance of 7km. Now let’s move on to Sir Michael. He left home at 0800. After like 5 minutes of walk, he realised that he did not have yesterday’s dinner and today’s breakfast. However, he decided to press on, thus moving at a speed of 1km/h. Soon, he too succumbed to hunger and scrambled to a nearby coffee shop and ordered - 2 cups of kopi si, 2 bowls of gong zai noodle and 2 set of butter sugar toast. He took just a whooping half an hour to eat his meal, from 0900 to 0930! After his meal, he was super energized and took an astounding 1.5 hours to reached his destination, at a speed of 4km/h! So, Sir Michael reached Greenfield in like 3h, covered 7km and at a average speed of 2 1/3 km/h. Therefore, Sir Raj gotten his rare minerals and Sir Michael got The Zephyr, and they lived in Midgard happily ever after.

    P.S. No pun intended

  6. Once upon a time in a place not so far away, Raj and Michael were heading to work. They left at 0800. At 0900, Michael stopped to go to t he washroom while Raj slowed down as he was in a traffic jam. At roughly 1000, Raj had a puncture and had to stop.Meanwhile, Michael was on his way again and arrived at work at 1100 after driving at a constant speed after visiting the washroom. Raj managed to fix his tires at 1030 and arrived at work at 1130.

  7. Raj and Michael were in a zombie apocalypse.Michael receive a radio call that Raj will save Michael from the zombies as he is trap in a abandoned supermarket at Redhill.Immediately at 8 am after the message was transmitted,Raj set out from Greenfield at 3km/h(which was as fast as he could).But just then,Michael managed to find and opening and slip out at 1km/h.He stopped at 9am to take a break to calm down from barely escaping the zombies.He rested for about 30 mins while Raj slowed down his pace to 1 3/7 km/h to search for Michael.Raj ran for 42 minutes.Michael ran 60 km/h for 1 h 30 min till he reached Greenfield HQ.Raj rested for 48 mins.Just as Raj resting,Michael saw Raj and told him that the supermarket should be cleared by now and that there are many more supplies there that they can take.Micheal went back Greenfield HQ and Raj went on the the supermarket to get more supplies.Raj ran at 3 km/h for 1 hour to reach Redhill supermarket.

  8. One not so fine day, 2 humans, Michael and Raj, were offered as tribute in the Bawb Games by none other than Bawb-rachi himself(aka me cos I'm narrator and I rule this particular world). The objective was to get to their respective venues(Michael going to Greenfield from Redhill and Raj going to Redhill from Greenfield) in the fastest time possible. Winner takes all the weed. So, it began at 0800 hours, with Raj taking the lead almost immediately, at a speed of 3km/h on his magical flying dragon, while Michael was reading a book called"Bawb's Life"(which had all blank pages by the way)while whistling casually on a ride on his magical snail of doom,at 1km/h(come on I said it's a snail guys). After that at around 0900 hours,Raj basically reenacted a scene from The Tortoise and The Hare, by blindfolding his dragon to make it slower(why Raj, WHYYY? Oh, wait, I forgot I controlled this world), at approximately 1km/h,as he thought that nothing could get in his way. Shortly after, Raj crashed his dragon into the forest(Raj you dragon abuser you should be pelted by avocados).Meanwhile, Michael's magical snail had to take a dump on the sidewalk, so they stopped to take a break(Raj you basically just gave up didn't you?)At 1000 hours, Raj's dragon was still out cold from crashing into the forests, with Raj rapidly peeling onions in the hopes of waking the fallen dragon. Things were different for Michael, however. His magical snail suddenly decided to use Shell Smash to boost its Speed and it started to grow wings and soared through the skies on the way to Greenfield, at 6km/h(jeez Michael did you use steroids or something?).
    At 1100, Michael and his magical snail had rocketed all the way to Greenfield, in which they passed out due to over-exhilaration(if there is such a thing) and they flopped onto the pavement so terribly hard, it caused an earthquake that caused the entire Redhill MRT Station to cave in on itself, derailing the train in the process. The train, after majestically falling out of the station, still continued to move on the roads, and the emergency brakes were broken because why not. Then, the train steamrolled its way to the forest, and CHOO-CHOO'd it's way right past Raj's dragon, which startled it back into consciousness, which sent the dragon shooting into the air with Raj literally hanging on from its tail, and they flew all the way to Greenfield at around 4km/h(good job Raj, maybe doing that at the start may have helped), reaching Greenfield at 1130.(Basically what you've read in the past 6 lines is How to Train Your Dragon 3 spoilers[ you can thank me later])
    So now comes the time to crown the winner of the Bawb Games.....

    -by Bawb-rachi, ruler of Bawbland
    Thanks for reading this ridiculously long and dumb story. :D

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    2. Whoops sorry
      Line 10, the "Raj" in the bracket should be Michael.
      My bad
      Sorry if this story is very long

  9. Once upon a time there were two ordinary businessman, Raj and Michael. Raj lived in Greenfield and had to travel all the way to Redhill by 1130. Michael on the other hand, lived in Redhill and had to travel to Greenfield for work. Michael decided to bike to Greenfield. After an hour of cycling over many hills, Michael decided to take a break a eat at a nearby cafe for half an hour before continuing on his journey. After half an hour, Michael continued laboriously to Greenfield and arrived in an hour and a half. Raj decided to drive his car to Redhill so that he would be on time for work. He drove at an average speed of 2km per hour. After driving for about an hour and forty-two minutes, Raj decided to rest and have a bit of breakfast. At 10.30, Raj set off again at an average speed of 3km per hour. Raj finally arrived at his office at 11.30. Arriving at his destination 30 minutes later than Michael took to arrive at his destination.

  10. Once upon a time there were 2 persons.One was called by the mighty name of RAJ and then we have Michael(Nobody likes Michael...except Raj).The both of them were friends,and wanted to meet up with each other.catch up with what they were doing.HOWEVER,there was a small problem.They lived in different towns.Michael Lived in Redhill.And Raj lived in Greenhill.There is a reason why one is red and one is green.Greenhill is for Good people like Raj.Redhill because red is the color of blood,is where the bad or not so popular people lived.And guess what Michael is a bad man.As mentioned nobody liked him.but the two towns were not far away.no not at all only 7km apart.So they both surprisingly left at the same time.At 0800.So Raj travelled at 3/km and hour by walking of course.But Michael walked at 1km/h.They both walked at this speed for an hour until 0900.At 0900 Raj was tired from all the running and jogging he had done and slowed down to 1km/h but Michael STOP and lay down to sleep like a PIG. at 1000 RAJ took a break for half and hour.At that same time Michael had awoken.But not naturally.Being hated by everyone,some one had spotted him and started chasing after him.Soon a riot was after him.He ran as fast as he could. At 7km/h all the way to Greenhill.He arrived there at 1100.Half an hour after Michael was chased,which is 1030,Raj woke up.feeling refreshed,he ran at 3km/h And made it to redhill at 1130. But when Michael reached the town he had an asthma attack and got in a coma.As for RAJ he inherited all of Michael items as he was Michael only friend and contact.So Raj lived a happy life

  11. Genetically modified eggs

    dun dun duunn

    Raj and Michael were friends living in different places and they were trudging out of their home at 0800. Michael lived in Redhill which was 7 kilometres away from Greenfield and Raj lived in Greenfield because he likes dinosaurs. Michael was carrying along a heavy bag along as he headed to Greenfield.

    As Michael was getting closer to a block of flats filled with underpants flying in the wind, walking at 1km/h, he started making puns because everyone loves puns. "Splat!" What was that? Michael thought. Soon, a rain a crazy eggs poured down from the sky. It was the people who were crazy, Puffles and Bawb. "What do you think you're doing, little children?" Michael said threateningly. Puffles and Bawb just laughed at him and soon people with crazy fishes came. They showed a picture with a cool boy in it and asked them to bow down to him. They were in a huge confusion and ate the eggs out of fear and soon they got genetically modified fevers.

    It was about 0930 when this was over. Michael just stood and watched the whole thing. He started walking away to his destination but the splattered eggs turned out to be genetically modified flying rainbow venomous poisonous spider eggs. Michael started throwing bananas at them but the spiders just laid more eggs in the banana. Half of Puffles's and Bawb's face started melting and they were becoming insane. Michael's arm and leg was taken by the spider to worship their lord. Soon, the next day, the government had to unleash nuclear bombs around the world but it only made the spiders immune to them. Eventually, everyone died.

    But apparently, the spiders' lord was sitting at Greenfield. The spiders carried him at 4km/h to the location at 0930 to 1100. The lord's name was Desovlads and he turned into a bear and started eating trees down. People soon started coming out of their homes and saying, "Save the trees!" but the bear was too much for them. All of them started eating trees and soon they became fat.

    Meanwhile when Raj was leaving,
    "Dad I just ate 4 hamburgers and now I feel sick", Raj said, clenching his fats and burping. "Well son, you are actually a camel." "What." Raj turned into a camel afterwards. Sighing, Raj started his journey to Redhill at 3km per hour, with his dad sitting on top of him and whipping him to move faster at 0800.

    At 0945, Raj's dad, Revonn, has reached the Throwing Club located somewhere in League Town. They met a lot of people frying pancakes along the way, some occasionally screaming, "Hoho, haha," and then breaking into a Revonn got off and went to practise his throwing skills. Raj was then alone to find his way when suddenly, he was faced with a river. Crocodiles crawled out of the river and snapped their jaws at the people. "Butterfly." The crocodiles went on a rampage and began stampeding the town. The started chewing people and tearing their clothing off. But Raj just ate the crocodiles and drank their fluids and spat them out. He did this to every crocodile until 1000.

    But suddenly spiders carrying a human started rampaging through the town. Raj used his camel humps to unleash water and splash it at the spiders' face, but that just made them immune to it. The camel tried to stamp the spiders but it just made them immune to it. Raj fought with the spiders and tried to fend them off from the citizens, but silly citizens went to burrow their faces into soil. Raj tried that same tactic and it worked. The spiders continued their journey to another place. At 1030, Raj decided that it was safe to go so he ran away at 3km/h and reached Redhill at 1130. Raj arrived at his destination which was apparently Michael's house 30 minutes after Michael was caught by the lord. Raj then took one step into the house and got exploded by a mine spider but the mine did not kill the spider itself as the spider became immune to it.

    1. Unfinished sentence on paragraph 8 line 2 oops.

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