Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Maths Alternative Assessment 2: Preparation

Today's classroom discussion & preparation:

Term 2 Group Performance

The Best Performing Group in Term 2 goes to... Group 4

Mission Possible... Your clips are not uploaded to the Google Classroom yet....

Review of Class Activity: Plotting of Graph

(a) What is "wrong" with this graph?

Given scale: 
x axis          2 cm : 1 unit
y axis          2 cm : 2 units

(b) What is "wrong" with this graph?

Given scale: 
x axis          2 cm : 1 unit
y axis          2 cm : 2 units

Summary: Drawing Linear Graphs

For clarity in illustration, ink is used in this 'demonstration'.
You should use a sharp pencil, and ruler to plot your graph. Always get ready an eraser to clean off any irrelevant markings.

Step 1: How do we decide where to place the axes?
  • Do you "know" the graph paper?
  • What would you make reference to?

Step 2: Scale matters!
  • The numbers on the axes must be clearly marked.
  • The scale should be written on the top right corner of the graph paper.

Step 3: Let's start plotting!

  • Mark the points clearly with "X"
  • Join the points with a straight line (use a long ruler!)
  • The line should be drawn within the given domain

Monday, 29 June 2015

Getting Ready for Next Lesson

Dear S1-01

To prepare yourself for the topic that we'll be doing this week, do take some time to attempt the activities that are posted in the Maths GoogleSite > 02 Introduction to Graphs of Linear Equations

There are several activities, to prioritise, do attempt the following first.

Activity 1: What makes up the linear equations?

Click HERE to access the game.

Before you begin with the game, click at INSTRUCTIONS (at the bottom of the page) to learn what each of the following mean:
(i) y-intercept - usually denoted by "c"
(ii) rise/ run, a formula that is used to calculate the slope (gradient) - usually denoted by "m"
(iii) a straight line path can be described with the linear equation, Y = mX + c 
You need to understand the above in order to accomplish the mission

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Status Update: Mission Possible

To-date (20150624, 0700), the following have submitted their work to the GoogleClassroom:

Mission (A) Pictogram

Mission (B)

Mission (C)

Mission (D)

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Activity 2: Marking Scales

Note: This set of slides will be made viewable after the class discussion.