Monday, 29 June 2015

Getting Ready for Next Lesson

Dear S1-01

To prepare yourself for the topic that we'll be doing this week, do take some time to attempt the activities that are posted in the Maths GoogleSite > 02 Introduction to Graphs of Linear Equations

There are several activities, to prioritise, do attempt the following first.

Activity 1: What makes up the linear equations?

Click HERE to access the game.

Before you begin with the game, click at INSTRUCTIONS (at the bottom of the page) to learn what each of the following mean:
(i) y-intercept - usually denoted by "c"
(ii) rise/ run, a formula that is used to calculate the slope (gradient) - usually denoted by "m"
(iii) a straight line path can be described with the linear equation, Y = mX + c 
You need to understand the above in order to accomplish the mission

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