Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Let's Ponder (Discussion 2): Is the Change really Significant?

In the annual Town Council report, it reported the effort put in to improve the environment of the residents in the area it was in-charge of.

One aspect is the collection of refuse, which was a feedback by the residents.
The diagram shows the reported non-collections of refuse as a percentage of the total number of households in a town

Study the above diagram carefully.

1. Do you agree that the Town Council has made significant improvement? Why?

2. With reference to the visual representation, point out at least 2 areas that need improvement.
- Why do you think these 2 areas require improvement
- Suggest how to improve the representation.

Remember to include your Group number before submitting the comment.


  1. The time of each records are at not consistent interval. To make things worse, the data is in decimal-ed %?????

  2. Group 3

    There is no accurate point, if the dustbins are like bars, the line should be laying in a parallel line right on the or next to the lid

  3. Group 2
    The data is collected at different months, and the data somehow ends up in a straight line.

  4. I do not agree that the town council made significant improvement.The results shows that the percentage is decreasing only by 0.1%.
    The accuracy of the line and the months stated.The line is not very accurate,does not get a accurate results.The months are not consistent.The chart can be replaced with a bar graph.The months can be consistent.