Friday, 25 September 2015

Revision: Algebra

Dear S1-01

On Monday's lesson, we were revising Algebra (in class) and had revisited the following:
  • algebraic manipulation (adding & subtracting terms; multiplying & dividing terms)
  • expansion [remember: insert bracket to 'protect' the terms]
  • factorisation
    • basic rule: identify any common factor
    • look out for special products, especially (a+b)(a-b)
    • check if there's any 'square terms' (e.g. x^2) - likely to apply 'cross method'
You are strongly encouraged to view the clips on ALGEBRA in the Youtube channel as a revision.

Work for Submission
According to the revision, you should work on SST's 2014 EOY Exam Paper 2 and submit it on Monday.

As advised during lesson, before doing the paper - look through the feedback written in the marked assignments (including revision papers) so that you will not make similar error(s) when doing similar questions subsequently.

I will remain contactable via email or GChat/Hangout in the day - let me know should you need any assistance or help as you revise your work.

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