Monday, 7 September 2015

Term 4 Week 1: Timed Revision #2

Dear S1-01

A Timed-Revision is scheduled on Term 4 Week 1 Wednesday (16 Sep) 12.45 pm to 2 pm.
This is in preparation for the End-of-Year Exam.

Topic tested: ALL topics that you learnt since January.

You will do all questions on the Question booklet.
Things to bring:
1. Calculator
2. Construction Set
3. Graph Paper

You should be able to complete the paper in 60 min. Maximum time given: 90 minutes.
You may leave upon completion of the paper.

Your last period ends at 12.45 pm in odd week Wednesday. The paper will start immediately after your last period of the day.
Please make sure you take a heavier breakfast.

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