Sunday, 25 October 2015

What's next... before the next academic year?

Dear S1-01

Three items are lined-up for you... in preparation for Y2016.

(A) Holiday Fun Pack

It is a collection of activities that build on the concepts and skills they learnt in Sec 1, to deepen their understanding on selected topics. It also provides opportunity for them to see Mathematics beyond the discipline, and its application in real world.

You are strongly encouraged to attempt the fun pack before school reopens.

(B) Revision Materials

A set of Revision materials is available in the GoogleSite.

The objective is to provide additional practice for those of you who needed to close their learning gaps before the next academic year. This task is optional.

If you are attempting the questions and if you come across any questions/ doubts, do send your enquiries to me during the holidays.

(C) Preparation for Academic Year 2016 (Mathematics)

In anticipation that some of you are keen to start the preparation for Y2016 S2, a set of reading assignments (using materials from the AceLearning portal) has been assigned to students.

You can also refer to the S2 textbook or access other online resources like the Khan Academy. This task is optional.

All in all, the downloadable version (PDF) of the above tasks are available in the GoogleSite (Mathematics > S1-01)

Last but not least... for those who have yet responded to the survey... do remember to complete the survey form by 30 October 2015 (Friday)

To date, the following have already responded. Thank you.

TimestampName#Reg no.
10/21/2015 7:29:41Grace Cahyadi15
10/24/2015 22:18:12Benedict Nai29
10/21/2015 5:57:48Dylan Tan310
10/21/2015 17:46:27Fernandez Kevin Ethan411
10/24/2015 22:37:41Hsien kit513
10/19/2015 14:07:00Loh Shao Cong615
10/25/2015 8:04:45Malcolm Tan Qi En716
10/16/2015 15:09:19Marcus Tan Zheng Ning817
10/16/2015 14:37:57Ng Wen Bin, Justin918
10/16/2015 17:48:14yeo ming en1023
10/16/2015 17:27:32Yu Min Shen1124

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