Homework Monitoring

Click HERE to access spreadsheet that monitors work submission.
Note: Only viewable to students.

How are you doing today? 

Complete this feedback form at the end of the lesson.
It helps you to recall what's carried out during the lesson.
This is also a channel where you can highlight (very quickly) what are the things that you are not clear and would like clarify.

How much do you already know?

Complete the following survey.
The purpose is to get you browse through the textbook to get a quick idea on what you would be learning in this topic. In addition, you inputs will provide an overview on your pre-requisite knowledge.

What do I know?
Topics (aligned to textbook)

  1. Chapter 1: Primes, Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple
  2. Chapter 2: Integers, Rational Numbers and Real Numbers
  3. Chapter 3: Approximation and Estimation
  4. Chapter 8: Percentages (1)
  5. Chapter 9: Ratio, Rate and Speed
  6. Chapter 4: Basic Algebra

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